ICOM’s on Twitter!

ICOM invites you to keep up to date with ICOM’s upcoming events, latest publications, newest activities and more by following @IcomOfficiel.

 ICOM’s on Twitter!

Yes we tweet!

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ICOM is excited to take advantage of this social networking tool to rapidly disseminate information about ICOM’s activities and programmes to a large audience. Twitter provides a great opportunity to reach out to a new network of people and keep everyone informed and up to date on ICOM’s work.
We look forward to tweeting updates on the activities of ICOM governance and committees, progress made on ICOM programmes to protect cultural goods and news coverage of interest to the international heritage community. https://twitter.com/icomofficiel to access our page and follow us!
Many of ICOM’s National and International Committees and Affiliated Organisations also have Twitter pages. You can find them on the list of pages ICOM is following https://twitter.com/IcomOfficiel/lists/icom-committees. Don’t forget to follow them as well!  


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