Photo of The Beatles walking back across Abbey Road to be auctioned

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A rare photograph taken during the shoot for the Abbey Road cover shows the Beatles walking back across the road, from right to left.

The Beatles walking the opposite way over the Abbey Road zebra-crossing with Paul McCartney wearing a pair of leather flip-flops Photo: BNPS

The photograph of The Beatles walking across a zebra crossing on Abbey Road, London is one of music’s most famous and enduring images. Now a rare photograph of the band walking the other way is due to come up for auction next week.

The album cover of The Beatles' Abbey Road (left) and the photograph that is expected to sell for thousands of pounds Photo: BNPS
In 1969, on a hot August day, photographer Iain Macmillan stood on a ladder in the middle of the road to replicate a sketch drawn by Paul McCartney depicting what he wanted the Abbey Road album cover to look like. The shoot took only 10 minutes, with a police officer holding up the traffic.

In 2011 the album became the top-selling vinyl record for the third consecutive year – 43 years after it was released.

The photograph coming up for sale at Bloomsbury Auctions is one of only six shots taken that day and shows them walking back across the road, from right to left. Only 25 prints of it were made.

Even more excitingly for Beatles fans, McCartney is wearing sandals in the picture. In the famous version of the photograph, McCartney is seen in bare feet and out of step with the rest of the band. This has prompted a series of bizarre conspiracy theories among some enthusiasts who believe that McCartney actually died in the Sixties and has been replaced by a body double. They see the album cover as filled with hidden clues – with McCartney’s bare feet representing his difference from the rest of the band.


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